Thanksgiving in Retail

Today I finally have a day of relief from my full-time job as a manager in retail during Thanksgiving week. When days go by without a single piece of artwork, even so much as a sketch, from me, it’s due to my work schedule. I find it incredibly difficult to be creative after working 10-12Continue reading “Thanksgiving in Retail”

Finally overcame my artist’s block…

And while doing so I finished a piece in four hours, which is a record for me (not intentional, but just a happily ironic accident).. While in the past I’ve posted all finished pieces in their entirety on my various social media accounts, I’m trying to create incentive to subscribe to my Patreon… I haveContinue reading “Finally overcame my artist’s block…”

Every time I complete something I am profoundly proud of, I order a canvas.

I don’t know how other digital artists cope with having a completed piece entirely dependent on technology, but I enjoy to be able to hold the artwork I’ve spent so many hours on, and also to have the ability to display it in my home. And so, my latest completed piece, which I immediately orderedContinue reading “Every time I complete something I am profoundly proud of, I order a canvas.”

I’m in an artist’s block..

This is due to an unrelenting Thanksgiving schedule as a manager in a retail company… and not having the necessary time to devote to developing a piece. As a result, I’ve done quite a number of sketches, some of which I hope to complete. I’ll post a few here, but am posting the entirety ofContinue reading “I’m in an artist’s block..”

Emotions Sketch Project

I just recently subscribed to Disney+, something I cannot understand why I didn’t decide to do sooner. Naturally, I’ve been streaming old and new Disney movies I haven’t had access to before now during the little spare time I have. The other night I watched Pixar’s Inside Out, a movie I heard of enough toContinue reading “Emotions Sketch Project”

I made a Patreon Creator account…

I had one already to follow existing artists but hadn’t gone a step further to make one for myself… I still very far from knowing exactly how to utilize this tool… but I extend thanks to Justin who suggested that I take the step to begin the process! Visit my Patreon!

I am Not a Doll

It’s difficult as an aspiring artist looking to eventually make a profit off of your finished works, particularly when doing so on a digital platform, to showcase what you make. “Hey! I made this! I’m proud of it! It looks super nice, let me post it for you!” Also, “Hey! I made this! I’m proudContinue reading “I am Not a Doll”