Creation Station

As I worked away for my eleven-hour shift at my day job, my brain focused on other things in the background.

In my old apartment, and the old apartment before that, I always had a space to work on my creative endeavors. Once I had a large desk, that seemed to take up a lot of space unnecessarily (although I had plenty of empty room to horde my various collectibles), and another time I had a more sensibly-sized smaller desk.

When I sat down at my chair in both of these different “creative stations,” the difference to creating things in any other location was striking. And I suppose I’ve always known that, as someone who has been artistic their entire life, I will need some specific space to create in.

I love my current apartment. It is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived in and I’ve spent hours on hours making it exactly what I want it to be (my nightmare is when I, for whatever reason, have to move and begin my progress again)…

But I don’t have a “desk.”

I have a “lap table” that you can work from bed in (I enjoy to do that because I have a literal tent over my mattress — but that’s a story for another post)… and I have a “TV tray” that was cost-efficient enough that I could plant myself at wherever I desired when the mood struck for art.

But today I reflected that I miss having a desk.

Fortunately, my apartment is so great, that a “desk” was included in the format, built in ‘marble’ against a little nook that I currently use to house two litter boxes (elevated to prevent any dog-invasions)…

So today, I decided that my most recent short-term goal is to reinstate that nook as my Creation Station, and on my next day off those two litter boxes are moving elsewhere. I’m ready to have a permanent space again.

Published by ayumeg

I draw things and it makes me happy.

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