“Manager Spotlight”

I was recently “asked” to be the next Bakery Manager Spotlight in a small newsletter for the company I work for.

I say “asked” because it didn’t seem much like a request. Anyone who knows me is well aware I dislike personally being in the spotlight and that it makes me extremely uncomfortable. While I work extremely hard to get my artwork out in the open, I myself prefer to remain behind the scenes.

I had to have one of my associates take a photo of me “on the job,” in my work attire which is anything but flattering, as anyone in a retail establishment knows… with a mask on no less (although I was actually quite happy having to wear the mask in public—if not for the pandemic, the mask is an ideal situation for me on all spectrums)… Then I had to list my hobbies outside of the job, my family life (as if I ever see them as much as I’d like given my profession, my rise in the company, and my favorite thing about the job.

Of course, I found difficulty expressing any passion or positivity in anything other than my family and my hobbies in this questionnaire I was given. I wasn’t exactly given an option NOT to do this, so..

My friend suggested that I use this undesired spotlight to showcase my art.

Despite this being a small newsletter that almost no one will see, I have noticed how much attention my artwork has gotten since I placed a small canvas of my “family portrait” on my desk in my office, and how many requests I’ve gotten for commissioned work from people in my store because of it.

Family portrait

Any exposure is good exposure, right?

I hate the spotlight. I’d rather have what I produce take that position instead.

So I happily put my government-regulated mask on for the “work photo,” and posed with a smile for a picture with something I’m proud to have created for a spotlight.

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I draw things and it makes me happy.

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