I have not been consistently posting here lately.

I have a thousand excuses… most notably work, but I will just leave it at stating that I’m juggling too many things right now and I’m having to choose between which platforms I share my material on.

Being an artist desiring to do so professionally (and for a profit to sustain me someday) is, to put it as simply as possible, “a lot.”

The artistic process in itself is challenging. To be able to pull from your brain the sketch to eventually make into a piece is likely successful fifty percent of the time, at least in my experience. I have dozens of unfinished pieces within the last few weeks/months that got no further than a sketch, and while I’m proud of them, the time it took to get to that state of incompletion can’t be gotten back.

What I’m saying is, sketching for practice and for fun is both enjoyable and informative. However, looking back at these sketches that I spent hours on with no “real” finish just shows me how much more time I need to be able to spend to have these sketching sessions… to exercise my brain and complete a warm up with more than just an hour or two between the shifts of the job that brings me a paycheck.

To elaborate on my first statement, “being an artist is a lot”…

Not only do I need that time to actually create the art, but I have to find the time to promote the art. And to do so this day and age, you must promote on a multitude of platforms… some that gain more notice than others.

Which do I choose? What time that I have so little of do I spend on promoting the things I’m proud of once I’ve spent the time making the things I’m proud of?

These are incomplete thoughts and I could probably make this into a better post if I “had more time.”

That being said, here are a few things I’ve finished and been proud of that I’ve posted on other platforms that I’d like to share here.

Thank you to those of you that follow this blog. It unfortunately has taken a “backseat” to other platforms… but that’s only temporary.

Published by ayumeg

I draw things and it makes me happy.

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