So you’re saying I can get a canvas?

The nice thing about digital art that is so far most appealing to me is firstly the lack of mess to clean up afterwards, and secondly the ability to copy the pieces I make limitlessly. Until now I’ve always used more traditional platforms to create, and as a result I could never bring myself to part with anything. (My walls literally cannot hold anything else…)

So far I’ve ordered three canvas pieces from a secondary source and I am so impressed by the quality I received. Granted, the pictures I submit to this source are several megabites in size and the definition couldn’t be more clear, which helps.

I ordered these three for my own enjoyment and intend to hang them, but then after showing a coworker she expressed interest in purchasing one.

Currently exploring the most financially-responsible way to produce more of these canvases so that I can utilize this to possibly secure some sort of revenue in the future.

Until then I’ll try and find some freaking space in my apartment/art studio to hang them….

Continuing my Sketch Project

I have found that sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what I want to draw next, and that is why I did a splash sketch page of potential ideas that I’m attempting to fulfill in some manner. I’ve made some progress since my first post on this topic, and I’m pleased with the results so far.

Initial sketch

I’m also experimenting with different styles and techniques with each sketch in order to teach myself more about the digital art process, and challenging myself to try new things.

I’m enjoying this process quite a bit and feel like I’ll recycle it as I produce more pieces. So far my favorite is the celestial-looking girl looking up… I experimented quite a bit with the background.

Finding the time to devote to art with my work schedule continues to be challenging.

Sketch project

I never took the opportunity of college seriously when I was of the “appropriate age,” much less art school.

So now that I’m a “responsible adult” with an actual job that requires no college degree, naturally I want to invest time in learning…

…so I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube videos on art.

One such video explained that when you don’t know what to draw, just sketch without abandon, and see what comes out.

I decided that once took this advice, I would continue and make it a personal project and finish a series of pictures based on these sketches.

It ended up being extremely fulfilling.

Awkward first post.

For as long as I can remember, I have drawn. Before I could write, I drew. Doodles littered the corners of my schoolwork from the time I was a child until I was an adult.

The doodles are still present on the corners of the documents I bring to meetings and on the notebooks I use to assist me at work.

Throughout the years I’ve experimented with as many mediums as I could find, afford, and then teach myself. Pencil drawing, colored pencils, dabbling with Photoshop to create signature photos for the fandom forums I was a member of, moving on to acrylic painting, reverting back to my traditional drawing, and then I realized something.

I am incredibly fortunate to be employed by a company that allows me to usually not have to worry too much about money—the fact that I almost never venture out of my apartment helps with that—however, while they give a lot, they also ask a lot. And that results in the majority of my day being spent there.

So after working 10-12 hours and making the commute home, it became difficult to drag out all of my art supplies, set up my space at my desk, and create things. After all, half of the battle is getting the creativity of your brain working, which is almost never instant.

Wake up before the sun is up, work for the majority of the day, drive home once the sun is down, complete the other adult responsibilities I need to in order to take care of myself and the animals in my care, and then somehow find the will to pull out my drawing/painting supplies, crank something out (hopefully) before having to wind down for the night to begin it all again, and then clean up?

I can barely get the dishes done after cooking a meal.

Where does a normal person find the time to do these things that define living an adult existence?

I suppose probably someone with a lot more drive to “adult” than I do… or at least someone who doesn’t work management in retail.

But I still longed to create.

That’s how I got started with digital art, which aside from my sporadic fandom Photoshop efforts when I was in my early twenties, was completely foreign to me.

Digital art suits my current lifestyle much more, and I’m slowly learning how to be successful at it. Someday I would love to be able to support myself on my efforts from it and leave retail behind. Retail is not a happy place for me.

Art is.

Being able to do what I love is true happiness.

But to even have a chance at being successful as an artist, you must put yourself out there and continually create new material, stay relevant. This is difficult with my demanding job, but I am trying. This blog is an extension of that.

Life is too short to do anything but what makes you happy.