It’s been a tough few weeks.

I don’t feel that detailing that further will do anything to help how I am currently feeling, but tonight I was able to complete my first piece in several weeks! It is a simple painting, and that’s okay. I enjoyed doing it, and am satisfied with how it turned out. Sometimes simple is needed. ThatContinue reading “It’s been a tough few weeks.”

I’ve been absent on all platforms for the last several days.

This is because during that time I was extremely ill and found it difficult to do anything but sleep. Because my brain refused to function properly, I haven’t drawn much beyond sketches and have struggled with the coloring process. It has become so time-consuming that it’s hindering my projects and too many are going onContinue reading “I’ve been absent on all platforms for the last several days.”

It’s Not an Owl

The Fourth Kind, one of the most terrifyingly fascinating movies I’ve ever seen… although the truth behind it is disputed to say the least. That being said, I’ve done four or five pieces on different mediums depicting the combination of owls and aliens, and so I decided to do another one. This is extremely premature,Continue reading “It’s Not an Owl”

I developed some prints…

I started with just a few, because I wanted to see the quality of them translated on paper before I spent an exorbitant amount of money. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I ordered them on matte paper, which is more expensive but has such a unique physical feel to them (every personContinue reading “I developed some prints…”

Character Creation

Some time ago I began working on an original character to draw whenever I don’t have a subject in mind (something to replace Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, who’s my current default), and it’s proving more difficult than I thought it would be! I’ve watched all kinds of tutorials on character creation, many ofContinue reading “Character Creation”

“Manager Spotlight”

I was recently “asked” to be the next Bakery Manager Spotlight in a small newsletter for the company I work for. I say “asked” because it didn’t seem much like a request. Anyone who knows me is well aware I dislike personally being in the spotlight and that it makes me extremely uncomfortable. While IContinue reading ““Manager Spotlight””

Reimagining an Existing Piece

When I first began experimenting with digital artwork, all of my early finished pieces were, in majority, a method of teaching myself to use a new medium. Although I have been drawing, painting, and exercising art creation in multiple mediums my entire life, I’d never attempted such a thing digitally with the exception of someContinue reading “Reimagining an Existing Piece”

Thanksgiving in Retail

Today I finally have a day of relief from my full-time job as a manager in retail during Thanksgiving week. When days go by without a single piece of artwork, even so much as a sketch, from me, it’s due to my work schedule. I find it incredibly difficult to be creative after working 10-12Continue reading “Thanksgiving in Retail”

Finally overcame my artist’s block…

And while doing so I finished a piece in four hours, which is a record for me (not intentional, but just a happily ironic accident).. While in the past I’ve posted all finished pieces in their entirety on my various social media accounts, I’m trying to create incentive to subscribe to my Patreon… I haveContinue reading “Finally overcame my artist’s block…”

I’m in an artist’s block..

This is due to an unrelenting Thanksgiving schedule as a manager in a retail company… and not having the necessary time to devote to developing a piece. As a result, I’ve done quite a number of sketches, some of which I hope to complete. I’ll post a few here, but am posting the entirety ofContinue reading “I’m in an artist’s block..”