It’s been a tough few weeks.

I don’t feel that detailing that further will do anything to help how I am currently feeling, but tonight I was able to complete my first piece in several weeks! It is a simple painting, and that’s okay. I enjoyed doing it, and am satisfied with how it turned out. Sometimes simple is needed. ThatContinue reading “It’s been a tough few weeks.”

I developed some prints…

I started with just a few, because I wanted to see the quality of them translated on paper before I spent an exorbitant amount of money. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I ordered them on matte paper, which is more expensive but has such a unique physical feel to them (every personContinue reading “I developed some prints…”

I made a Patreon Creator account…

I had one already to follow existing artists but hadn’t gone a step further to make one for myself… I still very far from knowing exactly how to utilize this tool… but I extend thanks to Justin who suggested that I take the step to begin the process! Visit my Patreon!

I am Not a Doll

It’s difficult as an aspiring artist looking to eventually make a profit off of your finished works, particularly when doing so on a digital platform, to showcase what you make. “Hey! I made this! I’m proud of it! It looks super nice, let me post it for you!” Also, “Hey! I made this! I’m proudContinue reading “I am Not a Doll”

Continuing my Sketch Project

I have found that sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what I want to draw next, and that is why I did a splash sketch page of potential ideas that I’m attempting to fulfill in some manner. I’ve made some progress since my first post on this topic, and I’m pleased with the results soContinue reading “Continuing my Sketch Project”