I developed some prints…

I started with just a few, because I wanted to see the quality of them translated on paper before I spent an exorbitant amount of money. I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

I ordered them on matte paper, which is more expensive but has such a unique physical feel to them (every person who held them ran their finger across a portion of them, I observed)… and some of the pieces I chose that I’d previously ordered on canvas ended up looking even better in a more condensed print.

I’ve only shown them to a small audience that already know me and my personality, people who care about me as an individual, so of course there’s a level of bias that must be considered… but the reactions I’ve gotten have been so positive and exciting.

One person, after looking at the first print I showed her, immediately asked, “How much?” She immediately went and pulled some money out to pay for it right then and there.

It was the most proud I’ve felt of something I had done in some time.

To have someone appreciate my artwork, something I worked on for hours, and criticized and tweaked and even now have insecurities about… to have someone want it so badly that they go as fast as they can to procure it… that was some kind of feeling.

When she got back I asked, “Do you want to see the others to make sure that’s the one you want?”

She replied, “Yes, no, I mean, then I’ll want more… but let me see anyways” and together we looked at my art.

I love watching people look at my artwork.

Yes, a social media presence is important in the art industry, but there is really nothing like watching someone’s eyes dilate as they look at a certain piece, or to listen to someone explain their immediate reaction to something you’ve worked so hard on.

The exchanges I’ve had with the people who are genuinely interested in looking at my pieces have been the happiest moments in recent memory for me.

So I took the money I made from that one print (not pictured here, because she purchased it immediately), and ordered some more.

Published by ayumeg

I draw things and it makes me happy.

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